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This question provides the foundation for our work with students – a starting point for young women to explore their own interests deeply through authentic projects we help them design. Allowing students to co-create their experience in school leads to engagement and highly successful academic and personal growth. Through this process, students often discover passionate new interests, thus providing direction and motivation for college and career.

Each student at New Village is partnered with one teacher who serves as her advisor, developing and supporting her academic program for her entire time at the school. The advisory is much more than a homeroom. Advisory is each student’s family at school — a place where successes are celebrated and challenges are negotiated.

Also central to our program is the internship. Once a student has identified an area of interest, we work to match her with a professional mentor who, twice weekly, hosts that student in the community. Advisors work with students and mentors to build academic projects around these real world interests and experiences.


Many of our students come to New Village with significant gaps in their educational progress. Despite this, we believe that every single student has talent and skill. Sometimes they are hidden, but they are always present. Always.

As an organization and as a community, we reject the notion that defines our students solely by what they are lacking – our students are more, much more, than their deficiencies. Whatever their prior school experiences, our students have interests and skills that can be the basis for academic success if only we think about education differently. New Village does that.

We honor our students’ lives and experiences by creating academic work that allows them to tell their stories, to discover themselves, to recognize and build on their strengths.

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