Students spend half of each day in a small learning community of approximately 20 students, called an advisory. Learning is supervised by the students’ advisor, a credentialed teacher who works with the students throughout their time at New Village. Advisory projects enable students to earn credit in Language Arts (English) and Social Studies (History). Math and Science are taught in separate classes by teachers credentialed in those subjects. Each student has an individual learning plan based upon her prior school experience, credits needed to satisfy the A-G requirements for college acceptance to the University of California, and most importantly, the student’s own interests and goals.


At the end of every semester, each student presents her work in an individual exhibition to a panel of faculty, peers, and community members. In this way, students are evaluated on the quality of their work on projects of genuine interest, rather than simply by test scores. We know that our approach is working: We see it in students who enter New Village behind in credits and academic skills, get back on track and are able to graduate prepared for success in college and career. We see it in our graduates who go on to the University of California and California State Colleges. And we see it in students who take pleasure in their learning and pride in their achievements.


On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, students have an opportunity to engage in a wide variety of internships outside of school, guided by professional mentors. For more about our Learning Through Internships program, click here.