Many individuals and resources come together to create the outstanding programs at New Village Girls Academy. Below are selected items and associated costs. All donations, no matter what the size, are appreciated and go a long way in helping our students. Thank you for your interest and your generous support!

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Provide an opportunity for students to re-imagine their futures.

It is easy to predict grim futures for girls who have fallen far behind, become alienated from and ceased to regularly attend school (or dropped out altogether). At New Village Girls Academy students who have previously struggled with school are led to imagine very different futures and to set and attain academic goals that make those futures possible.  In addition to public charter school funding, New Village must raise $5,400 per student each year to provide it’s extraordinary academic program.

Provide hope and support for young women struggling with trauma.

It is well recognized that students who fail to attend school regularly, act out and fail to make normal progress in school are often reflecting the effects of severe trauma at home.  Such trauma can take many forms:  homelessness, severe mental or physical illness of a family member, criminal activity, domestic violence and sexual abuse are all common experiences among New Village students.  But there is little opportunity in traditional schools to help with these issues.  New Village’s strong advisory system, small, individualized, classes, full-time social worker, school wide wellness program and extraordinary campus-wide culture of respect are unique in helping these students develop self-confidence and plan for a productive future.  We estimate the cost of our social worker and wellness program at $112,000 annually.

Provide a route to college for 20 -25 girls.

Our graduating class this year consists of 27 girls.  This year, and every year, 20 to 25 from the graduating class will continue their education in two- or four-year colleges.  This is not an outcome that would have been predicted:  10 of this year’s seniors are teen mothers, 3 have been removed from their families by child welfare authorities, 22 will be in the first generation of their families to complete high school.  Their path to college is the product of extensive college counseling, assistance with college applications, visits to college campuses, careful individualized planning and mentoring.  $70,000 is required each year for New Village’s college preparation, counseling and transitional support program.

Provide opportunities for meaningful work experience with capable adult mentors, integrated with school learning.

The New Village Learning Through Internships (LTI) program has proven an extraordinarily effective means for re-engaging previously alienated students with education, learning the requirements for success in a work environment, and understanding the educational requirements for good, rewarding, jobs.  Making the LTI program work is the full time job of our LTI Coordinator and a major part of the work of our faculty advisors.  Advisors help students integrate the learning from the LTI experience into the curriculum – whether that is history, science, social studies, or any of the other required classes for graduation. The estimated cost of New Village’s LTI program is $78,000.

Provide essential transportation to enable students to attend school and participate in internships.

Almost all New Village Students are reliant on the Los Angeles bus and metro transportation systems to come to school and internship sites.   Even with student discounts, for children living in poverty the cost of transportation is a significant barrier to regular school attendance and participation in internships.  Each year, New Village pays $34,000 to provide bus passes for students.

Checks made out to “New Village Girls Academy” can be sent to:

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(We are an “every penny counts, save the transaction fees” organization!)

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FY 2016-17

Achieving America Family Foundation
The Ahmanson Foundation
Annenberg Foundation
The Brotman Foundation of California
City National Bank
The Coto Foundation
Crail-Johnson Foundation
Finn Family Foundation, Inc.
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation
The Green Foundation
The Guerin Foundation
The John and Katherine Gurash Foundation
Harbor Freight Communities, LLC
Shirley and Burt Harris Family Foundation
Elizabeth Bixby Janeway Foundation

The Fletcher Jones Foundation
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Kirby-Jones Family Foundation
Liberty Hill Foundation – The XX Fund
Los Angeles Giving Circle
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Moda Operandi
Dan Murphy Foundation
Northrop Grumman Foundation
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Ann Peppers Foundation
The Riordan Foundation
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Weingart Foundation
Women’s Foundation of California –
Violets’ Giving Circle of Marlborough School
WWW Foundation