Mr. Shin's advisory displays their culinary chops.

Mr. Shin’s students display their culinary chops.


Once again our annual Golden Tomato wellness cook-off was a deliciously high-spirited success.  After an all-school morning hike in Elysian Park and a trip to the Farmer’s Market, the fast-paced cooking began. Seven teams of New Village students competed to create the tastiest entrees, desserts, and beverages with ingredients form our local Farmers Market and a budget of only $20 each. This year the required special ingredient was Chocolate.  Professional Chefs from Alma, Bestia, Kitchen Mouse, and Union restaurants volunteered to judge and were most impressed!

The judges gave high praise to many dishes including:  Pollo con Mole (Mr. Shin’s Advisory), Fruity/Chocolate Drink (Mr. Roman’s advisory), a Garbanzo-based Chile (Ms. Haze’s Advisory), vegan Chipotle Cream of Tomato soup &  Chocolate Truffles (Ms. Ceballos’ Advisory), Salad tossed with Chocolate-Vinaigrette (Ms. Benitez’s Advisory) and the Grand Prize winner of the Golden Tomato Award:  A remarkably fresh and tangy Spinach-based Salad (Ms. Poston’s Advisory).

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IMG_1563On Tuesday March 9,  four students were given the opportunity to go on a shadow day to the Van Nuys Police Department. Touring the station house, the girls were able to witness the process of someone being taken into the jail cells. As well, the girls went on a “ride along” around the Van Nuys neighborhood inside the cops’ car.

Afterwords, the students came back to the station where they finally spent time with the inspiring female captain, Lilliana Carranza. Captain Carranza has visited New Village before and is a powerful, successful Latina woman who has taken time to become a leader and role model to the girls here at the school.

The students were able to experience the training room — the site where the police train once a year to see how well they are using a gun. The police in this training area are tested on their knowledge on different situation and they learn when and when not to shoot. All the girls were given the opportunity to shoot a real gun as a real police officer would, if they wanted. Before the girls went into the training room, they were taught how to shoot. The trainers unloaded the guns so that the girls were only shooting air,  but they still experienced the whole process.

–by Luz Hernandez (Senior) 


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by Luz Hernandez, Senior

As the New Village website intern, I’m excited to share with you the following college acceptance news for the class of 2015 — this post reports ongoing progress, not the full acceptance list for the year.

Currently, New Village Girls Academy has 30 students preparing to graduate in June. More than half of these seniors applied to four-year universities and private colleges. Most of the girls here at New Village Girls Academy are first generation going to college. They received help and guidance from multiple staff member but worked closely with their advisor to be able to submit applications. Applying to colleges for some girls meant having to take time off of work and or having to find someone who will babysit their kids so they can stay after school and revise essays, submit FAFSA (financial aid) and the CSS profile. I am happy to announce that many of our students have already been accepted into these colleges and universities. Congratulations to Poston’s Advisory! Every student in this advisory has been accepted into at least one four-year university. Congratulations to the following seniors of 2015:

Aylin accepted to Cal State Northridge

Aylin’s acceptance letter to Cal State Northridge

Aylin – CSU Northridge. “I felt like so many doors were open for my future.”

Jada – CSU Los Angeles, Clark Atlanta, Howard University. “Excited that I will be a first generation college student in my family!”

Luz – CSU Northridge, Sonoma State University, CSU East Bay. “Knowing biology is an impacted major I had doubts about getting into the biology major in most of the these Cal State schools. I was so proud of myself when I received each acceptance letter I can now relax because I know I will go to college and pursue my dreams of becoming a doctor.”

Jisel – CSU Northridge. “I felt infinite when I found out I was accepted into a college.”

Valerie's acceptance email from Cal State Los Angeles

Valerie accepted to Cal State Los Angeles

Valerie – CSU Northridge. “I felt like I could already picture my future.”

Sonia – Humboldt State University, CSU Northridge. “I was very proud of myself, and I felt like I didn’t just do it for me but also I did it for my family. It is good to know I accomplished something that my family worked so hard for me to be able to reach.”

Evelin – CSU Northridge, CSU Los Angeles, CSU Dominguez Hills, San Francisco State University. “For being an immigrant and a single mom I feel proud of where I come from and to have been accepted to all four Cal states I applied to.”

Monica – CSU Northridge. “I am excited to know that I have been accepted into a four year university and I made it through high school while being a teen mom.”

Marisol – Channel Island, CSUN, Sacramento State. “I’m a teen mom and I proved others wrong because I made it into colleges.”

Jailene – Dominguez Hill. “At first I didn’t get care much about getting into college. I was doubting myself but I still applied and when I got accepted I was so amazed at the possible things I can accomplish.”

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We are happy to begin 2015 with a new, expanded website. We hope you’ll look around the site and explore our innovative programs. Look back to this news area for updates and reflections on school events and issues.

For now, please enjoy this slideshow highlighting last year’s senior class as they headed towards graduation. It won’t be long before we are honoring our current seniors this way!

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