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2 – Functions and Relations

  • Space. It’s… BIG.
  • Traveling in space means moving from one point to another. If your path is a direct one, then you move in a straight line. If you choose to use them, you have the tools to describe that linear path with an equation.
  • You could describe the path of someone travelling to intercept you up ahead.
  • You could describe the path of someone traveling along beside you.
  • You could describe the area of all the space that you could see looking out the side window.
  • Soon, you will even be able to describe paths of travel that would be physically impossible in the real world, like instantaneously changing direction, or jumping from one place to another.
  • You will see that there are different ways of describing linear relationships, and many different things that you can do with them. Functions are truly at the center of your mathematical universe.

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