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7 – Rational Expressions and Functions

  • Transcript: Rational Expressions and Functions
  • Pineapples make great snacks, but have you ever seen a pineapple plant?
    • They start out as little blossoms in a tropical field, before traveling across the world to your supermarket.
    • When you cut a pineapple in half, it’s pretty obvious how many pieces you have.
    • But if you’re having friends over for a cookout later, the pieces can get smaller and harder to keep track of.
    • Basically, you’ve got a division problem.
  • Have you ever seen an animal that seemed to be made of different animals?
    • You might say that you are about to meet the platypus of Algebra: Rational Functions.
    • And once you get over the unusual arrangement of the pieces, you’ll start to recognize more than a few familiar features.
  • You’ll see that Rational Functions can sometimes resemble inverse relationships.
    • Rational functions can be graphed, and their graphs may have vertical asmptotes.
    • Just don’t try to make your graph cross the asymptote!
  • And it all begins with your oldest mathematical tools: arithmetic.
    • In this unit you’ll see that you can add, subtract, multiply and divide not just counting numbers, but variables and variable expressions as well.

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