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3 – Right Triangles

  • How can you find the distance across this river without crossing it? How can you make a hole-in-one? How can you tell if this bat will fit in this trunk?! Who will help you with your problems?
  • Right triangles. For thousands of years, they’ve been helping people like you with problems like these. This special unit will introduce you to the world’s famous mathematic stars, well, triangles. Get ready to meet…
  • The right triangle: A special triangle, known for it’s unique properties.
  • The pythagorean theorem: Working alongside right triangles, this is ancient theorem survives as one of the most important and widely used theorems in all of geometry.
  • This unit also introduces two special right triangles: 30, 60, 90…
  • And 45, 45, 90.
  • No only that, you’ll see your old favorites, the postulates SSS, SAS, ASA. This time, you’re going to learn postulates for right triangles, and they’re going to save you even more time.
  • You’ll even meet… trigonometric ratios!
  • With these famous concepts, you’re going to learn to identify similarand congruent right triangles, and solve real life problems, including your best shot banking a cue ball.
  • Get ready to meet the most famous triangles in the world, and watch them in action.

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