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2 – Triangles

  • If you have never thought about how cool triangles are, you’re about to!
  • How do astronomers calculate the distance to planets and stars that we’ve never been to? Or the height of mountains that we can’t measure exactly? With Triangles!
  • If you put several triangles together, they form a very strong structure called a truss. You can see example of trusses in bridges, roofs, and geodesic domes. In order to build these strong strucutres, engineers have to understand the properties of triangles.
  • In this unit, you’ll learn when two triangles are similar – like scale models. And when triangles are congruent- exactly the same shape and size.
  • These properties are so valuable, they have even saved lives. The ancient Greek mathematician Thales used the principles of triangles to help save his town from attack by enemy ships.
  • Using the properties of triangle angles and altitude, we can calculate the distance to far-away objects with a clever application called parallax.
  • In this unit, you’ll learn these properties and applications, and see that triangles are amazing.

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