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1 – Expressions, Equations and Inequalities

  • How does an artist find the right canvas to express themselves?
  • How does your bill relate to the number of songs you download?
  • When can I get my driver’s license?
  • What happens to my body when I work out?
  • At its heart, this unit exercises your skills to recognize different quantities, and to model the relationships between them.
  • A longer canvas means more area to work with.
  • Owning more of the latest hits comes at a price.
  • After a certain age, anyone is eligible to get a license.
  • You will see that with a little creativity, you can take anything in the real world, represent it with a variable, and describe how it behaves.
  • Anything. Even flamingos.
  • As flamingos get heavier, they usually get taller.
  • Flamingos fly fast. You can use a formula to predict how far they will travel, and how long it will take.
  • We can show low they can fly, how high, and everything in between.
  • In this unit you’ll see variables with a few different kinds of linear relationships. You’ll get to practice turning ideas into words, words into symbols, and symbols into answers.

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