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1.1 – Algebraic Expressions

Key Terms

  • Algebraic Expression – a mathematical expression that contains one or more variables.
  • Mathematical Expression  – a collection of numbers and operations arranged in a meaningful order.
  • Term – a number or variable, or the product or quotient of a number and one or more variables.
  • Constant – the term in a polynomial that does not have a variable. The constant term has a degree of zero.
  • Coefficients – numbers that multiply variables.
  • Factor – a number or expression that is multiplied by another number or expression.



Equivalent Fractions
  • The difference between an algebraic expression and an algebraic equation is that the algebraic equation has an equal sign.
  • Expressions

Algebraic Expressions


Math Language and Symbols Chart
1.1 Chart Pg4
  • How do you write an algebraic expression from a pattern of numbers, a table, or a graph?
    • Find a mathematical rule that changes the input to the output.
    • Determine if this same rule will work for all the pairs in the pattern, table, or graph.
    • Write the expression using variables.

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