Algebra 2B

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4 – Transforming Functions

How would you un-bake a cookie? Could you un-burn a candle? Unless you have a time machine, some things in life can’t be reversed. However, if you can represent a relationship with an equation, then it becomes relatively easy flip the mathematical model around and do all sorts of otherwise impossible things, like control time …

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5 – Polynomial Functions

Have you ever watched a jet fly across the sky? Have you ever gone swimming or watched a swim meet? Have you ever tried to count the oranges stacked in a pyramid at the grocery store? If you have, then polynomials are already a part of your life more than you might realize. Aerospace engineers …

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7 – Rational Expressions and Functions

Transcript: Rational Expressions and Functions Pineapples make great snacks, but have you ever seen a pineapple plant? They start out as little blossoms in a tropical field, before traveling across the world to your supermarket. When you cut a pineapple in half, it’s pretty obvious how many pieces you have. But if you’re having friends …

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9 – Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

What happens when you or a loved one gets sick? What might have caused the illness, and what might you have to do to get well again? Imagine getting together with all of your friends. And all of their friends. And all of their friends’ friends. And all of their friends’ friends’ friends. Like putting …

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