Algebra 2A

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1 – Expressions, Equations and Inequalities

How does an artist find the right canvas to express themselves? How does your bill relate to the number of songs you download? When can I get my driver’s license? What happens to my body when I work out? At its heart, this unit exercises your skills to recognize different quantities, and to model the …

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2 – Functions and Relations

Space. It’s… BIG. Traveling in space means moving from one point to another. If your path is a direct one, then you move in a straight line. If you choose to use them, you have the tools to describe that linear path with an equation. You could describe the path of someone travelling to intercept …

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3 – Quadratic Functions

Testing our limits is part of human nature. How far could you throw this ball? What if you were stronger? What if the object were heavier, like a shot put… or much larger, like a pumpkin? What if you could build a machine to launch the pumpkin further? Could you shatter the world record? How …

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