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Alg 1A Final Prep

Algebra 1A – Final Exam Prep:     

  1. Know your number sets: counting / natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, positives, negatives.
  2. Change a fraction to a decimal to a percent.
  3. Know the characteristics of rational and irrational numbers, as well as the sum and product of each.
  4. Translate word problems into mathematical sentences.
  5. Operations on inequalities and flipping the sign.
  6. Solving and graphing (on a number line) square root inequalities and x2
  1. Simplify, combine like terms, and solve for x.
  2. Adding and subtracting negative integers: Big # – Small #, sign of the Big #.
  1. Solutions to linear equations: One, zero, or infinitely many.
  2. Multiply and reduce fractions.
  3. Simplify radical expressions.
  4. Know your comparison symbols: less than, greater than, less than equal to, greater than equal to, equal, and not equal.
  5. Substitute values for x and evaluate.
  6. Translate the variable word problem inequalities into mathematical sentences.
  7. Distribute and solve for x.
  8. Solve literal equations for one variable.
  9. Translate English sentences into function sentences.
  10. Even and odd number functions.
  11. Mapping diagrams: function or relation? Identify the domain and range.
  12. Graphs: function or relation? Identify the domain and range.  Increasing or decreasing.
  13. Find the missing values in tables.
  14. Solve compound functions with addition and subtraction: (f-g)(x) and (f+g)(x)
  15. Explicit formula: an = a1 + (n – 1) * d
  16. Find the common difference and common ratio

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