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1.3 – Solving Mathematical Sentences


  • Solve equations using the guess-and-check method.
  • Identify numbers that belong to the solution set of a given equation or inequality.
  • Compare solution sets of equations and inequalities.


Key Terms

  • Equation – a mathematical statement that says two expressions are equal.
  • Guess-and-Check Method – a method of solving a problem in which you guess the answer and then check to see if your answer is correct.
  • Inequality – a mathematical sentence that has two or more expressions separated by inequality signs (<, >, ≤, ≥, or ≠).
  • Satisfy – means “to make true.”
  • Solution Set – the set of all values that can be substituted for variables to make an equation or inequality true. Each element of the solution set is a solution of the equation or inequality.
  • Substitute – to replace a variable with a number or expression.



  • Guess & Check Method

Alg1A 01.03 - Guess Check


  • How to graph on a number line

Alg1A 01.03 - Inequality Graph





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