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3 – Functions

  • What if you could predict a thunderstorm? Or a tornado? Or a tsunami?
  • What if you could use this information to warn people ahead of time about a possible disaster and save their lives?
  • Maybe you could estimate when an earthquake might happen…or a mudslide.
  • Or perhaps you could determine the area where a meteor might fall to earth.
  • Understanding functions is key to making these and other important predictions. A function is the relationship between a set of inputs and its set of possible outputs.
  • Imagine you’re a meteorologist developing an equation to estimate the temperature of the air at a certain location and a certain time, based on how high you are above the ocean.
  • What happens if you choose a lower altitude?
  • Or a higher one? How does that change your prediction?
  • Whether you want to invest in the stock market, program a computer, or investigate the scene of an accident, functions are helpful tools for understanding and solving problems of all types.
  • In this unit you’ll discover the power of functions and how they relate to you and your everyday life.

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