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Class Rules & Technology

You created these rules (8/18/14); then you voted!  Here are list of class rules for math!

  • No food allowed in classroom, ever & drinks must be in closed containers
  • Respect everyone in the room, always
  • Always bring your supplies (pencil & paper), be on time, and show up every day
  • Always ask for help & don’t stress – You got this, girl!
  • Actively listen to others: don’t interrupt, ignore, or talk over others who are speaking aloud
  • Keep up with assignments, stay focused, and don’t be lazy
  • Music is permitted (at low volume) during work time, unless someone is speaking
  • Use soft, respectful voices when speaking in class & Use appropriate school language
  • Ask Ms. Haze for permission (to leave the room, to use electronics, to talk to others, etc.)
  • Phones can ONLY be used for MATH (and also music, with permission)
  • Be positive, make friends, & support others in earning credits


Community Rules

  • Respect – everyone and everything
  • Be Kind – with words and actions
  • Be Ready – on time and prepared
  • Be Tolerant – about others ideas and lifestyles
  • Be Positive – all the time!


Success in Math

  • Step 1 – Explore: determine what information is given and what you need to find, whether or not you have all the information you need to solve the problem.  Is there is any information given that is not needed?
  • Step 2 – Plan: Select a strategy for solving the problem. Will it help you to estimate the answer?
  • Step 3 – Solve: Carry out the plan. If the plan doesn’t work, try again until you can find one that does. Apply appropriate labels or units.
  • Step 4 – Examine: Does your answer make sense given the facts in the problem? Is the answer reasonable to your estimation. If the answer is not correct, develop a new plan and begin again.


AH - Math Word Play

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