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3 – Quadratic Functions

  • Testing our limits is part of human nature.
  • How far could you throw this ball? What if you were stronger?
  • What if the object were heavier, like a shot put… or much larger, like a pumpkin?
  • What if you could build a machine to launch the pumpkin further? Could you shatter the world record? How could you predict where it would land?
  • In cases such as these, a working knowledge of quadratic functions comes in handy, because graphs of quadratic functions are often used to model real-world limits. Furthermore, if you can model a relationship, you can also make some empowering predictions about it.
  • How far will your catapult throw a pumpkin?
  • How dramatically could you add to your city’s skyline? What size window will provide the right amount of daylight?
  • In this unit, you’ll explore the connections between quadratic functions and their graphs, and answer real-world questions about the relationships they can model.

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