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For ALL Students, take a look at this video.  Save it and watch it again!  Share it with your friends too!  Good luck, and happy learning!


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Welcome Back NVGA Panthers!


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Congratulations to the Class of 2015!  We’ll miss you!


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Finals are THIS Week!

  • Remember, if you finish ALL of your work, all of your notes, turn in all work-shown, complete all of your mandatories, and have an 85% in Apex, then you do not have to take your finals.
  • If you are taking finals, I highly suggest using this week to finish notes and mandatories!  You can use them on your finals if you have them with you.  You CANNOT use Math Academy for final exams.
  • Study hard, get some help at YPI, learn the concepts well enough to teach others!  You will need to show your work on the final for full credit.  See you at YPI all week!


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Calendar Updated!

  • Take a look at our math calendar.  The rest of the semester is detailed, day by day.  See what is coming up and prepare to catch up and keep up!  We have less than 13 math classes left, and some of those are test days!
  • Stay after school at YPI for support and to catch up!  Earn your 5 credits THIS semester!
  • Study hard, work hard, succeed!


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Welcome Back!

I hope you had a great Spring Break, ladies!

  • Your notes are up for Wednesday’s lesson (4/8/15) for Algebra 1B and Geometry B.
    • Please copy them BEFORE class on Wednesday!
  • For Algebra 2B, please study for your test!
    • You may use your notes IF you have all of them.


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Progress Reports – March 19th Deadline


Progress reports go out on March 22nd.  

I need ALL work (quizzes, tests, notes, work-shown for quizzes, etc.) by the morning of March 19th so I can put grades into the progress reports.  

Any work not turned in by March 19th at 8am will not be counted in this progress report.

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Catch-Up or Apex Point Loss!

March 4, 2015 Deadline!


  • You MUST be caught up with ALL notes and ALL quizzes by Wednesday, March 4th!
    • Consequence: you will lose 1 Apex (Quiz) point for EACH quiz and note section you have incomplete.
  • This WILL affect your grade!  Come to YPI and come to Credit Recovery to get back on track, TODAY!
    • You want to earn 5 credits?  Keep up and catch up!  🙂


  • Algebra 2B students have until March 2nd to catch up!


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Check the Calendar Every Day for Your Next Assignment!


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Welcome Back, Students!

I hope you had a great winter break!  Welcome back to Spring semester!


Notice our new math forum (registration and links are located to the right of this post).  Sign up for an account, and post any math questions you have in your class forum.  I’ll try to answer your questions before our next class period, but please try to help one another.  If you see a question you know the answer to, or if you have a suggestion, please reply to your classmates!


Enjoy and happy learning!

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